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iTop Easy Desktop: A free productivity tool for desktop organization.

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iTop Easy Desktop is a small, easy-to-use desktop manager that lets you organize your desktop icons, files, and folders according to your own rules. You won’t have to manually organize your desktop icons anymore.

One of the greatest free alternatives to Stardock Fences, this iTop program is a must-have for those who want to finally get rid of their clutter.

Whether it’s your actual office or just your computer desktop, keeping it tidy will help you get more done. iTop Easy Desktop’s purpose is to provide you with efficient means of clearing clutter from your desktop. To save time and increase efficiency, it can help you categorize your icons.

About iTop Easy Desktop:

When you first launch the app, you’ll see a sleek black window in which you may read the handy in-app manual. Reading these instructions will help you get started with creating, renaming, and adjusting boxes; working with folder portals; hiding all icons; and more.

When running the app for the first time, you can choose either “Quick Start” or “Custom.” “Quick Launch” automatically sorts shortcuts, folders, and files into separate groups, each group in a “box.”

iTop Easy Desktop UI

You may access the iTop Easy Desktop additions by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop. Create a new folder, box, or folder portal with a single click. The icons you see in each “box” are actually stored in tiny see-through windows. In other words, boxes are like virtual drawers on your computer’s desktop; they contain quick access to your files and folders via icons and links.

Boxes may be resized and moved; things can be moved from one box to another; boxes can be created by drawing a rectangle; boxes can be renamed by clicking on the title, and boxes can be minimized by clicking the “arrow” in the title bar.

But one of the best things about the Easy Desktop app is that you can quickly show and hide desktop boxes by double-clicking an empty spot on the desktop.

You can change the boxes’ colors from the “Appearance” setting in the program’s preferences, and you can set up shortcut keys to bring the boxes to the “foreground” from the “Quick Actions” section.

A very useful feature can be found in the “Organization” option. You can set up “rules” to have files automatically filed in certain folders. Putting DOCX and PDF documents in the Documents folder, for instance.

Easy Desktop Settings

iTop Easy Desktop Features:

  • Automatically and quickly declutter and organize your digital workspace
  • Organize your desktop files with boxes.
  • Make a portal for folders on your desktop.
  • It’s easy to hide files, search for them, and find them.
  • Personalize your desktop to fit your style.
  • It works with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

Download the software from: https://download.itopvpn.com/dl/

Official website: www.itopvpn.com/itop-easy-desktop.