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iToolab iMute Free License -Disable shutter sound on iPhone[Win/Mac]

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iToolab iMute is a unique tool that enables you to simply disable the forced camera shutter sound associated with refurbished iPhones sold in Japan.

Generally, default features, such as the camera sound on an iPhone 13/12/11, are easier to disable. However, if you are using an iPhone sold in Japan or Korea, you cannot disable the camera sound.

When you use the iPhone camera to take a photo, the device makes a shutter click sound. For some users, the sound effect may become annoying.

iToolab iMute -Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

If you own a Japanese or Korean iPhone and are having trouble turning off the shutter sound, we recommend using iToolab iMute software. The trustworthy software will instantly disable the Japanese or Korean iPhone camera noise without causing any harm to the storage data via hard code.

Turn Off the iPhone Camera Sound in Three Easy Steps. Using iMute, you can easily disable the iPhone camera’s hard-coded sound.

You should be warned, however, that this will require the iOS device to undergo the so-called “jailbreaking” method.

The software completely supports iOS 12-14.8 on iPhone 5S – iPhone X.


Get iToolab iMute for Free:

First and foremost, go to the giveaway page by clicking here.

Enter your email address and click the “Get It Free” button to the right.

Check your email inbox; iToolab Studio will send you an email.

This email contains registration details or a license code.

Copy the code and download the installation or setup file from the links provided below.

Windows:[42 MB]

Mac:[7.54 MB]

Install and start the software, then activate using your license information.

That’s it!

iToolab iMute License code

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