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Iris Pro Giveaway -Blue light Filter and Eye protection Software

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Iris Pro is a hand tool that makes monitors and computer screens easier on the eyes. With this app, you can reduce the amount of blue light your screen gives off so you can sleep better, lower the brightness of your screen without PWM, and keep your eyes from hurting.

It can change the color temperature of the screen and lower the brightness of the screen without making the monitor flicker faster (the so-called PWM problem).

Think of color temperature as making the screen give off less blue light. At night, blue light stops the hormone melatonin from being made, which is what helps us sleep.

Depending on where you are, Iris makes your screen a little more yellow or red at night, depending on the color temperature. This is the same as f.lux, CareUEyes, Night Shift, and other software that blocks blue light.

The brightness is another cool thing. When your monitor is on, it is always flickering. Most of the time, this flicker happens so fast that we don’t notice it.

There is no way to make a monitor without this flicker, and this is not the real problem. The problem is that most monitor makers control brightness by lowering this flicker rate (the so-called pulse width modulation).

And the worse it is for our eyes, the lower the frequency. This is why the PC gives you headaches, eye pain, and other problems. Well, Iris can change the brightness without changing how often it flickers, which is really cool.

Iris- Blue Light Filter and Eye Protection Software

The program’s elegant user interface offers you basic configuration options. To be more specific, the main window lets you choose between automatic, manual, and pause modes.

The automatic mode responds to your local time and can change your screen’s settings to make them easier to see. During the daytime, the screen will show a strong blue light, but at night, the hue will shift from yellow to red, reducing the overall intensity.

Get Iris Pro for Free :

You can either download the Iris Pro Standard installer from here[39.1 MB] or Iris Mini(Pro) Installer from here.

Install the software and launch the app, enter the below License code, and hit the “Activate” button


Iris Pro License