iRacing Game 6 Month Subscription for free

Posted by is a multiplayer online racing game site, iRacing is both an entertaining game and training tool for real life racers where you race against others. PC Gamer Magazine ranked it as the best online racing game of all time. The game can handle 40 cars racing side by side and nose to tail, with drafting effects. Its creators have partnered with the Williams F1 team and automobile manufacturers including Ford, VW of America and GM.

iRacing game subscription for free

Developed in 2004, iRacing lets you compete against others using officially licensed cars on licensed replicas of the world’s greatest tracks. Drivers race in different leagues, according to their skills and type of racing (fun or serious), and there are special contests with cash prizes, as well as championships.

iRacing is the ultimate place to go racing online. From NASCAR, to IndyCar, to sports cars and Grand Prix racing, iRacing has it all. All you need is a PC, a gaming wheel or game pad and an Internet connection.

iRacing organizes all the racing for you, or you can choose to host your own race. Either way the competition is as real as it gets – you’ll be racing against motorsports fans who share your passion for racing. is an online, subscription-based racing simulation service for Microsoft Windows created by Motorsport Simulations. In addition to accurately modeled vehicles and tracks, iRacing provides servers on which to race and practice and a sanctioning body to organize and oversee competition within the service.

The iRacing company aims to cater both to real-world racers and racing simulation enthusiasts by offering a realistic simulation of motorsport with accurate track, vehicle and physics modeling, and with all of the cars and tracks officially licensed.

iRacing can only be driven online on servers run by, and participation requires a subscription to the service. The subscription package includes a basic set of 10 tracks and six cars with which to practice and race.Additional cars and tracks are subject to additional one-time charges. Vehicles in iRacing are divided into classes which correspond to the identically named driver license classes, except for the two different Rookie car classes which can both be driven with the same Rookie driver license.

iRacing creates each track using proprietary Exactrac laser mapping technology to replicate the tracks with millimeter precision. 6 Month Subscription for free:

iRacing online game

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