iPad Firmware 3.2 Jailbreak Video

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Every one know that On April 3,2010, when  the Apple iPad was released in U.S. retail stores, it got Record Breaking Sales. Apple said it sold 300,000 iPads on Day One.The following day,the brilliant developers from the iPhone Dev team shown a demo  for jailbreaking  ipad. Muscle Nerd one of the iPhone Dev team member confirmed  it by a tweet on his his Twitter account.

According to Dev team Jailbreak  has been  possible because, the iPad OS 3.2 has  the same  exploit that allowed to Jail break iPhone OS 3.1.3.T he iPhone Dev team is calling this jailbreak as “Spirit”, the technique  that allows to access iPad file system remotely.

According to Comex the ‘Spirit’ jailbreak isn’t based on a browser hack, there is no jailbreak software available but Comex and iPhone Dev Team are working to  release easy-to-use tool for jailbreaking the iPad.

So far there is no official word about release of ipad in India, but it seems to be available in gray market for around Rs. 27 to 28 thousand.


Check out below iPad Firmware 3.2 Jailbreak Video Demo: