IObit Uninstaller 2.0 released [Dowload Now]

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Today Iobit released Uninstaller 2.0 is a free replacement for Windows default uninstaller (Add/Remove Programs), where Iobit uninstaller can Securely and Completely Delete Unwanted Programs from a PC.

Using the “Add/Remove Programs” feature in Windows Control Panel can leave behind traces of files in the registry, left over files belonging to uninstalled programs can lead to system errors and can even crash a PC. IObit’s Uninstaller 2 can remove all traces of unwanted software to give PC users peace of mind, and better PC performance too.

IObit’s new version of Uninstaller is an easy to use, free solution that can remove all traces of unwanted programs, and can prevent system problems.Uninstaller 2 is a major upgrade to the original release and makes file deletion simple; even for a novice PC user.

What’s New in Iobit Uninstaller 2.0 ?

  1. New user interface.
  2. Search feature in “Forced Uninstall”: Now it’s possible to search for programs in “Forced Uninstall” and uninstall them directly from search results.
  3. Improved Powerful Scan functionality. This now carries out a deeper and more secure scan, especially for any leftover items in the computer’s registry.
  4. An option for not creating a restore point, making it possible to do this in the advanced uninstall mode.
  5. Multi-language support – now available in 12 languages.
  6. Enhanced program detection – Uninstaller 2.0 can detect a wide-ranging list of programs on a PC.

The new version of IObit Uninstaller is a Windows® utility that makes file deletion thorough, safe, secure and simple, for PC users of any ability. IObit Uninstaller 2.0 is designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

Download : IObit Uninstaller 2.0


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