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IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Free License - An all-in-one uninstaller

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IObit Uninstaller 13 is a perfect uninstall tool and powerful utility compared to Windows default or built-in Uninstaller.

Why is it preferable to use a separate Uninstaller instead of Windows’ built-in option?

Windows comes with an in-built Uninstaller you can use to uninstall programs off your computer.

However, the system’s built-in Uninstaller doesn’t always remove a program’s traced. Luckily, third-party software can help.

Third-party programs’ major benefit is that they try to take control of the uninstallation process and remove any leftovers that the official Uninstaller missed.

Most of the time, Windows’ default Uninstaller doesn’t completely remove a program. It leaves empty registry entries, program data, and application shortcuts, which these third-party tools can remove.

Aside from that, these programs usually have more advanced options than the standard Windows Uninstaller.

For instance, Third-party apps can monitor new software installations and build a system backup before they start. If the newly installed program causes issues, you can use this feature to roll back.

About IObit Uninstaller 13 :

This Uninstaller is for Windows users who want a clean PC and a safe online browsing experience.

It removes leftovers and unnecessary programs, including Windows Apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and malicious/ad plugins.

IObit Uninstaller 13 has also improved the Software Health feature. It lets you manage software permissions, stop pop-up notifications, delete unnecessary setup files, and uninstall malicious software and browser extensions with just one click.

Many Windows users have unknowingly experienced strange software or even adware and bundleware.

While browsing online, users might unknowingly allow advertorial websites to show notifications on their browsers. Dealing with invasive pop-ups and spam messages can become tiresome.

To tackle these issues, users can turn to IObit’s Software Health feature. With just a few clicks, users can easily disable pop-up notifications in browsers and Windows Apps.

Additionally, Iobit has enhanced its uninstall features and broadened its software database. It provides quick access to scan and uninstall over 1,000 stubborn programs.

Users can now scan directories more accurately and troubleshoot unwanted programs on their PC.

For challenging cases, Force Uninstall+ helps to remove software or files that can’t be deleted in the usual way.

Furthermore, the improved Install Monitor identifies and logs more items during installation (including startup items) for future complete uninstallation.

IObit Uninstaller includes features like Bundleware, Stubborn Programs Remover, Force Uninstall, Install Monitor, and Software Health.


What’s new in IObit Uninstaller 13:

IObit Uninstaller is an all-in-one uninstall utility to uninstall programs, bundleware, browser extensions, and Windows Apps for a clean and safe PC.

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Free License :

Download the installer from here:

Run the installer, avoid IObit’s unwanted software, and complete the installation process.

Launch the app and on the main window, click “Enter Code” (below the Activate Now button), and enter the below license code.

Update [New Code]:


Note: The above code offers a 6-month subscription till November 8, 2024

Update [April 16, 2024]:


Note: This code offers a 6-month subscription till October 16, 2024.

Update [Jan 18, 2024]:


Note: This code provides subscription till June 20, 2024.


Note: The giveaway code offers a 6-month subscription for free.

Thanks to Stella from IObit for offering this code for Techno360 readers.

Update [Dec 21, 2023]: New code that offers subscription till May 30, 2024



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