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IObit Applock can protect your privacy and important data by locking any apps, system settings and switches on your Android phone and tablet with a secure pattern or PIN code. You are no longer need to worry about sensitive information been pried by others or system settings messed up by kids.


Nowadays, smartphone privacy protection is a top security issue for so many private information and important data  received or saved through it. Only with one single screen-lock is no longer secure enough for your Android device, everything is freely accessible once people unlocked your phone screen.

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IObit Applock is free and provides a quick, creative and high efficient way to help Android users lock any apps on their phone. With different level of protection, App Lock, Fake Lock and Notification lock, you are no longer need to worry about sensitive content pried by other people or phone settings got messed up by kids.


IObit Applock Provides You:


With IObit Applock, you can easily lock any individual app, phone settings and switches to avoid intruders from prying your private data and keep children from messing up your settings, accidentally deleting important things or making in-app purchases. Applock Status will be enabled or disabled in one single tap in Settings.

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Notification Lock
Sometimes message previews may contain sensitive information. IObit Applock can help you hide notifications content and heads-up from Whatsapp, Messenger and other apps.

Notification Lock is only available after you enabled Notification Access, you can follow our tips to set.After that some commonly used social apps are automatically locked and you are free to lock any other apps. You can also enable or disable Notification Lock in one tap at the top right corner.

notification lock

Fake Lock
IObit Applock offers two kinds of fake covers to disguise the app lock-screen: Picture Cover and Force Stop.

Picture Cover allows users to customize the fake lock-screen by choosing a picture from their own gallery. Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who want to use to your app.

Triple tap on the specified area is the right way to unlock the app.

fake lock

Delay Lock Option

Delay Lock Option designed to disable the Applock temporally to avoid frequently unlocking when switching between apps. That means re-lock is not required when returning from a brief exit. You can lock app every time when leaving app, or when screen goes off, or 3 minutes later after screen off.

You can also customize the settings for single app to satisfy various demands at your own convenience.

delay lock

Intruder Selfie

If someone inputs the wrong password three times, the intruder’s photo are  taken secretly and saved here. The intruder’s selfie can be auto-sent to you if you bind your email to IObit Applock first.

intruder selfie

Change Icon

To those who don’t want anyone else to know that they are using an Applock tool, they can replace IObit Applock’s icon with another icon, like Alarm Clock, Weather, and Calculator.

iobit applock change icon


Where you Can Get IObit Applock

Free download on Google Play

Check out the promo video

Further reading on the developer website.
About IObit

Founded in 2004, IObit provides consumers with innovative system utilities and performance & security software for PC and Android OS. With more than 100 awards and 150 million downloads worldwide, IObit is a recognized industry leader in PC and mobile devices optimization and security software.