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Internet Cafe Simulator PC Game: Free Steam Key [Worth $10]

Internet Cafe Simulator Game Free

Internet Cafe Simulator is a game of running an actual internet cafe. You can set up and run a full workplace in the game.

Thanks to Fanatical, you can get a free Steam key to play this PC game (normally $10). Fanatical turns 10 this year.

In honour of their tenth year in business, they’re giving you Internet Cafe Simulator for free. You can get a Steam key by signing up for their email newsletter and then linking your account to Steam.

Visit this Fanatical page:

Select the box labelled “Subscribe me to Fanatical’s email newsletter.”

Internet Cafe Simulator Game Giveaway

Go ahead and hit the “Check Out” button.
When you’re done, hit “Proceed to Checkout” and sign in with your Steam account.

Note: We regret that this promotion is not available in India or other select countries. Click the “View all” button to see if it’s available in your area.

Internet Cafe Simulator Game Fantical giveaway

About Internet Cafe Simulator PC Game:

This game is a simulation of running an online cafe. In-game, you can construct and run a fully functional office. Within the city, you can find a wide variety of things to do and people to meet.

You get to run your own virtual internet cafe in this innovative simulation. You, as the new manager responsible for the company’s fortunes. Invest in brand-new computers and load them up with software and games.

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Just remember that you need to make enough money each month to cover your monthly rent, so set your prices accordingly. There’s more to being a successful internet café owner than just keeping track of computers and customers.

On your journey through the game, you may come across questionable characters offering you huge money. Get your hands dirty with some illegal online work, and the payoff might be worth the risk to your business.

As your company expands, you will want to expand into new territories and industries. Perhaps your chain of successful internet cafes can be the impetus for your entry into the cryptocurrency market. The key is smart investment, boss!

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