Intel launched AppUp app store

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Oh, brother. It seems all big PC related Firms are following the Foot Steps of Apple and are opening their own software application stores. The latest app store is from chip company Intel, today at IDF 2010 event Intel Officially Launched ‘Intel AppUp’, an app store for netbooks and other Atom-powered devices.

Why I’m bringing this news to you is, Intel has made agreements with Best Buy (US), Dixons (UK), and Croma (India) to distribute computers with the ‘AppUp’ center app(version 1.0) pre-installed .

Similar to other app stores, ‘AppUp’ store provides free and paid apps from third party vendors which can be downloaded and installed. Also it offers ‘try before you buy’ 24 hour trial period for all apps, which allows you to cancel a purchase if you think it doesn’t fit to your requirement.

AppUp Center is available for both Windows and MeeGo Linux running Netbooks. Currently there are 6 type of app categories are available : Books, Business,Education Entertainment, Finance and Games.


What’s the specialty of this app store is, all it’s apps are optimised for typical netbook hardwares, including low power Atom processors and smaller display Net books.You can Download ‘AppUp Center’ for Windows 7/XP and Moblin over here.

Today you can download Adobe AIR applications and apps from companies including Accuweather, Barnes & Noble, Funkitron, Gibson Guitars, iWin, Kaplan, KONAMI and Lifetime.