Insurgency Free to Keep for 48 Hours

Insurgency FPS Game Completely Free [48 hours Giveaway]

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Insurgency developed by New World Interactive is a multiplayer FPS game based on the community-made mod of Valve’s Source engine.

This tactical shooter is completely available free on Steam but limited to 48 hours. The game playable on PC, Mac OSX, and Linux with multiplayer cross-compatibility.

The sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm is arriving on September 18 and the developer New World Interactive is inviting all First Person Shooter fans to try the game for free.

Starting today (10 AM PDT) the original ‘Insurgency’ will be FREE TO KEEP on Steam for 48hrs.

Visit this steam page:, click ‘Install’ and play the game during the 48hr window and it is yours to keep forever.

Additionally owning this game will provide a 10% discount for the sequel.

Also, there is a 10 % Pre-order discount, so altogether you get a 20% discount and bring down the cost of the sequel from USD $29.99 to $23.99.

About Insurgency

Insurgency is an intense, immersive, hardcore, tactical shooter based on the award-winning
Valve’s source engine mod ‘Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat’.

What began as a Half-Life 2 mod has become an indie cult classic.
It got an audience of 2 million players and very positive 92% recommended reviews on Steam.

Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team’s survival depends
upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply in this multiplayer and
cooperative Source Engine based experience.

The follow-up game to the award-winning Source mod, Insurgency is competitive and lethal,
striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.



Over 20 weapons with many attachments, no crosshair, and a focus on realistic weapon
behavior including a free-aim system and intense suppression effects.


16 multiplayer and cooperative maps that take place in 8 distinct environments
ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia.


4 Cooperative game modes where you and your friends team up to complete mission-based objectives against waves of swarming enemy.


9 multiplayer game modes supporting up to 32 players, with a focus on territorial control, destroying weapon cases and escorting high-value targets.


Squad system built upon specialized player classes,
which are customizable and asymmetrical based on what team you are on.


Scripting system allowing both client and server side mod support for new weapons, teams, and environments published in the Steam Workshop.