How to Install Mods in Sims 3 Late Night

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The Sim3 Late Night EP was released on Oct 26 and it is reported that EA’s newest expansion ‘The Sims 3: Late Night’ claims No.1 spot on the UK PC chart.

I got my EP Copy only 3 days back, played the game about 16 hours and I have to say I’m Quite pleased with the EP in many ways such as the Urban life, Celebity status , vampiers, and new sliders.

Although I agree there are some disappoiments like  numbers(2) of traits introduced in this EP , lack of people in the clubs and crowding that happens in front of the elevators. But I think these will be fixed by EA in one or two patches.


How to Install Mods in Sims 3 Late Night?

Installing Mods in Sims 3 Late Night is same as “Ambitions” EP, below Steps are for newbies.

  1. First Click the “Start” button then go to the following path “MyDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 ” and create a New Folder and (re) name it as “Mods” .
  2. Now Download this Resource.cfg” file from here and place that file in the “Mods” folder,as shown in below image.
  3. Now in that “Mods” folder, also create a New Folder called “Packages”,as shown in above image
  4. Now you have to place all the mods or modification files that come with “.package” extension in the “packages” folder.
  5. That’s it.