How to Install Mods in Sims 3 Ambitions

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With the new Sims 3 expansion Pack “Ambitions” and latest patches  1.12/2.7/3.3/4.0, now  Sims 3 officially  supports game modifications. But the earlier methods used for installing Mods will not work with all the latest patches and with the new expansion pack “Ambitions”. So this post is about how to activate mods in the latest patch.

Steps to Activate Mods

  1. First Go to following path “MyDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 ” and create a New Folder and name it as “Mods”
  2. Now Download this Resource.cfg” file from here and place that file in the “Mods” folder,as shown in below image.
  3. Also in that “Mods” folder create a New Folder called “Packages”,as shown in above image.
  4. Now you have to place all the mods or modification files that come with ” .package” extension in the “packages” folder.
  5. That’s it, when you load or start the game, a notification will appear to you that certain Mods are installed.

  1. amigo, sabes ahora descargue unos sims pre hechos pero son (“archivo”.sim)no .packages…. donde tengo que colocarlos?????y despues en el juego donde los busco??? desde luego gracias…

  2. i followed the steps the mods didnt work? should i delete previously installed mods in world adventure folder? thanks

  3. -the previous methods used for installing Mods will not work with all the latest patches and with the new expansion pack “Ambitions”. –

    The previous method works with ambition pack. I have all pack and all update, and when I changed the method the game told me that some objects can not be charged. The new method don’t work well with ambitions pack.
    I play with the old system of mods very well

  4. I tried the old way, and the new way, with the teen woohoo mod, and neither worked. With both once I loaded the game, none of my sims were able to interact with each other at all. When I would click on a sim, no menu came up.

    Any ideas?

  5. i have done this , i only have sims 3 and world adventures and it doesn’t work what should i do? please help

  6. I did this and it didn’t work! I have Ambitions and my game is updated. I have Windows 7 and I have the Resource.cfg etc. etc. Why? I have been trying this for the past two days.

  7. Whenever I try to download the resource.cfg it comes out as a text file instead of a CFG file. 🙁

    1. dont open it just click save and it will have you choose a place to save it then fallow directions on this site.

  8. AHHHHH!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I have been like going insane trying to figure this out, because once I installed ambitons all of my beloved mods started going out of whack, but now, i can have them back!!! Thanks so much!!!! This is the only useful piece of information I’ve seen on sims 3 modding in so long!

  9. Thank you so much!

    It took me quite a few tries and a lot of frustration to get this to finally work…. but just a little tip for future readers that i myself didn’t follow:

    READ THE DIRECTIONS THOROUGHLY and you will get it right! Again, thank you! 🙂

  10. I have the simple sims 3 up to date (1.14) and the mods are working since i’ve tested the nospark mod. But when i put in the package folder any skill gain mod and try to play the damn game my skills tab is empty and any action that supposes skill gain doesn’t work!!! Does anybody know the probleeeeeem? please! I’ve done all right, resource, folders, framework, new saves etc..

    1. It may be that the mod hasn’t been updated to work with the new update. You need to go back to where you downloaded it from and check with the author.

      I’m just about to install Ambitions, does anyone know if I need to deactivate my mods first?

  11. I’ve installed The Sims 3 to drive D in an attempt to try and conserve space on my computer. Is there a way to save my downloads to a file on D rather than C:MyDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 ?

  12. i have no clue what im doing. i downloaded the file y’all told me to do. i have ambitions and fast lane. somebody pretty please help me!

  13. Thankss!!! Thankss 🙂 (So Happyy) 🙂 I tried a lot of different ways… I tried monkey helper… almost everything but this is the the way that works with my version and windos (I’m with Windows 7 ultimate) Thank you verry muck 🙂 hugggg :)))

  14. how do i get the mod for big boobs? i only want this because i want my sims to look real and the skinny sims have realy small boobs.

  15. Hi! Rama, your post is very useful! It work! Many thanks to you! I’ve just installed woohooer mods from twallan. But, I need male maternity wear mods, do you know about it? Because my last mods didn’t work after I installed generations and I heard it needs to be updated.

  16. I’m trying to apply mods on my MacBook Pro but I can’t get them to work 🙁 , I have the base game, ambitions, world adventures, late night all up to date. I desperately want them to work!

    1. @simon :

      make sure that you have moved .packages to following path on your system
      Mac: /Users/ /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods