Inquisitor search plugin Comes to Firefox and IE

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There has been a lot of buzz around Inquisitor, the new search engine plug in for Firefox from Yahoo.  It promises to “speed up your searches like no other”.

Many Mac OS X users may know Inquisitor for Safari, a popular search plug-in . Yahoo! released Inquisitor for  Firefox 2 / 3 and Internet Explorer 7 / 8 for faster, flexible search experience from their browser search box.

Yahoo! acquired Inquisitor in May this year, which was originally developed independently for Safari by David Watanabe (creator of apps like Acquistion and Newsfire) and later on released the plugin for Safari browser.

The look and feel of the IE and Firefox versions resemble to Safari version, but there’re some important improvements:

  • Building on the work by the Yahoo! Research team in the paper “Information Re-Retrieval: Repeat Queries in Yahoo! Logs,” the algorithm that generates the personalized results has been enhanced to return more targeted results.
  • They’ve also included a bookmark-based retrieval feature for IE. So, if you are looking for a page you bookmarked a few months ago, a simple search in Inquisitor will bring it right up.

Please note that these releases are considered beta software, so there may be some rough edges.

If you like the idea of instant search results, displayed as you type, give it a try. But I’m still a fan of the Firefox search box.  If you want a powerful alternative to Inquisitor though, I would highly suggest the CyberSearch add-on from CyberNet News.

Download: Inquisitor – SafariFirefoxIE

[Via Cybernetnews]