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InnerSpace - Exploration flying game Free on Epic Store

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InnerSpace game is now free to download on Epic game Store. Normally priced at $19.99, InnerSpace game is available as a free download for both Windows and macOS users.

This free offer will be available until next Thursday, March 5th,2020(4 pm GMT).

You can claim this Indie game by visiting this

As always, there’s no catch you simply need an Epic Store account. The sign-up is free and easy.

Released in January 2018, InnerSpace is an exploration flying game set in the Inverse, a world of inside-out planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in.

InnerSpace is not like other flying games. The game rewards exploration, both in terms of storytelling and the mechanics of flight. If you’re expecting a traditional flight sim with aerial combat, this might not be for you. If you like the idea of a plane that transforms into a submarine, then dives inside the belly of an ancient demigod, you’re in the right place.

Set in a world where physics are inverted, the player flies in a once-inhabited spherical world surrounded by water, where gravity falls away from the centre.

Take the role of an unnamed cartographer to explore the various bubble-worlds, collect relics, and encounter each bubble’s unique patron deity- all in order to discover more about the universe, its history, and its future.

Explore new areas by using wing-blades to cut ropes or guns to blast new paths via destructible environments.

Engage in diving mode and go underwater to explore the environment under the sea. Manoeuvre through tight spaces by stalling and “air drifting.” Successful navigation is the key to discovery!

Game Features :

1.Discover the Inverse:

This game is about exploration, about player-driven moments both small and grandiose. Take your time, soar through the skies and dive through the oceans, and the secrets of the Inverse will reveal themselves.

2. Relics of the Past :
Scattered among the ruins are priceless relics, the final messages from the extinct civilizations that once ruled the Inverse. Discover over 25 unique relics.

3.Airframes of the Ancients :
Adapt lost technologies to build new airframes, each with unique abilities to soar above the waters, and below.

4.Colossal Mystery :

The Inverse is dying, but you’re not alone. Demigods still roam here, hoarding what power they have left, the keepers of secrets as old as the Inverse. Fly carefully.

5.The Art of Flight :
Featuring an ethereal art style and soothing electronic musical score, InnerSpace delivers a thoughtful, provocative flying experience unlike any other.