Industrial Cybersecurity -Second Edition

Industrial Cybersecurity eBook - Second Edition Worth $51.99 for Free

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Industrial Cybersecurity ebook (Second Edition) by Pascal Ackerman usually sells for $51.99 on the Amazon store. For a limited time, TradePub and Packt Publishers are giving away this ebook for free.

This ebook is about 45.6 MB in size and has 800 pages. The free offer or giveaway ends on July 19, 2022.

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About Industrial Cybersecurity eBook – Second Edition

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is now being used in traditional IT spaces and even in the cloud. This has made ICS environments much easier to hack. This means you need to know where your ICS is weak and use advanced techniques to keep an eye on and protect it from cyber threats that are always changing.

This second edition covers the updated Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ) architecture and shows you how to set up test, and monitor a holistic security program for your ICS environment.

You’ll start by learning how to make a security-focused architecture that makes it easy and effective to use the tools, techniques, and activities in this book. You’ll learn about monitoring, tracking, trending (visualizing), and procedures for ICS cybersecurity risks.

Industrial Cybersecurity

The book then shows you how to find malicious activity by teaching you threat hunting principles, tools, and techniques. Lastly, you’ll use tools and methods for responding to and recovering from incidents in an ICS environment.

By the end of this book, you’ll know a lot about monitoring, assessing, and responding to incidents and threats in industrial cybersecurity, as well as threat hunting.

What you will learn

  • Actively and passively keep an eye on the security of the ICS.
  • Act in a controlled and standard way when things go wrong.
  • Find out what activities are needed in your ICS environment to deal with an incident.
  • Use the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack for threat-hunting exercises.
  • Check how well your ICS cybersecurity program works as a whole.
  • Find out how to do risk assessments for your ICS environment with the help of tools, techniques, methods, and activities.