Indian Rupee official symbol announced

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Today Indian Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni announced or released the  pictures of official symbol  of Indian currency Rupee, With this India will join an elite group of countries like the US dollar, euro, which have a distinct currency symbol.

The Rupee symbol design includes both Devnagiri ‘Ra’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ and has two parallel lines running at the top, which symbolise the equal to sign.

The symbol is designed by D. Udaya Kumar an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) post-graduate and he will get an award of Rs 2.5 lakh for this design.
The symbol will be adopted in a span of six months in the country, and within 18 to 24 months globally,but the symbol will not be printed or embossed on currency notes or coins, it would be included in the ‘Unicode Standard’ and major scripts of the world to ensure that it is easily displayed and printed in the electronic (computer keyboards) and print media.