India No1 target for Chinese hackers

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Two months back(Jan 12 2010)  when Google threatened to quit china, M K Narayanan the National security adviser of India also said that they noticed intrusions in to the National security council  and other government departments were spoted on Dec 15 2009 by hackers from Chinese land.

Immediately the red dragon nodded it head to left to right and said  “Hacking in whatever form is prohibited by law in China.” Further it asked for solid proof about this issue.Well Indian government remained mum on the issue (yeah they call it as patience) and as usual days passed on, now our  foreign minister S M Krishna went to china (Apr 5,2010)  to develop relations with the two headed dragon.

Yes he will definitely receive good Hand shakes, nice smiles , promises for good cooperation between two countries, then he will return to  the country stating that everything is fine and as usual China will say Aurnachal Pradesh is not a part of India and it’s  Military plane accidentally(?) will cross  the border line and land on the Indian soil thinking it as China, once again the denial game.

But here is an interesting news about the actual color of china,  on Monday  the researchers  based at the University of Toronto released a new report called ‘Shadow in the Clouds’, which reports that hackers traced to China’s Sichuan province  have compromised highly classified information from computers at India’s Ministry of Defence and also they stolen  information from embassies on India’s relationships with countries in Africa, West Asia and Russia.

The reports says that 75% of hacking attacks are targeted to Indian soil and Indian offices in other countries.

It also claimed that documents containing  sensitive information concerning secret assessments of India’s security situation in the states of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura, as well as concerning the Naxalites and Maoists, was stolen  from a member of the National Security Council Secretariat concerning .

According to researchers there is leakage of information related to Shakti, the just introduced advanced artillery combat and control system of the Indian Army and the country’s new mobile missile defence system called the Iron Dome.

In the investigations conducted over eight months, the report by Canadian and American researchers claimed that systematic cyber espionage was carried out from servers located in China that “compromised” government, business, academic and other computer network systems in India.


What does this mean ?

As usual China denies hacking Indian defense websites and said “Hacking is an international crime and all nations should join hands to deal with hacking crimes?”

But hacking from china land is not a secret, because no-one can escape  through “Great Firewall “ of china government, even Google can’t escape it, so no group of hackers could have continued coordinated attacks without either officials support or implied consent.

This shows that China is using the modern weapon “Inter Net” as another  defense or offense department like navy  and encouraging or training hackers to stole other countries documents, especially sensitive information.

These are just a glimpse’s  of Red China attitude, but one thing china has forgotten is it  requires cooperation and good will of other  countries, where it is still  reliant on resources from other land.

Read the full Report SHADOWS IN THE CLOUD over here

  1. what you said is just a joke
    except this: Aurnachal Pradesh is not a part of India, this is right