iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner Free License [Win & Mac]

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iMyfone Umate is a cleanup utility for iOS devices that will free up storage space on your iPhone/ iPad/iPod and enhance your device performance.

This iOS Space saver is available for both macos and Windows systems, although the software doesn’t offer user guide, but the apps simple interface allows even novices to start using it very easily.

The apps offer Five powerful features to free up storage space on your iOS device, this includes clean junk files, clear temp files, compress photos, delete large files and remove unused apps.

iMyfone Umate

On analyzing your iOS device content, the utility lets you remove junk files, lets you reclaim storage space by removing unnecessary apps and reclaim space occupied by your photo library with lossless photo compression.

iMyfone Umate Personal License for Free:

iMyfone is running a cool promotion to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, the promo allows you get $29.95 worth iMyfone Umate Personal License for Free.

To get the free license code, visit the promotion page:,

To get the code, you have to share t this giveaway on any of the social networking sites click on Facebook or  Google Plus or  Twitter,  next select your OS (Windows or Mac) and fill the small form by enter your name, email address and click ‘Submit’.

iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner giveaway

The giveaway page will display the license code, copy the code and download the installer from below links.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Install the software, when you run the application for the first time click “You’ve got a registration code, then register now” and enter your email id, the code you received through this promotion.


Note: This is a time-limited giveaway & will be available for 3 days.

How to Use iMyfone Umate to Free up Space on iPhone?

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your PC

First, launch the app and connect your iOS device to your PC, you can see the app interface is very simple and straightforward.

From the main interface, it displays how much space is being used and how much is free on your iOS device.On the left side of the main interface, it shows main functions of the program including clean junk files, temp files, compress photos, delete large files and remove unused apps.

Step 2: Scan your device for comprehensive and through Space-Saving  analysis

Now to free up space, click ‘Quick Scan’ button to scan your iOS device for a full space-saving analysis. The app utilizes more than 25 analyzing technologies to scan and analyze data smartly.

iMyfone Umate interface

Step 3: Cleanup Junk Files and release storage space by Clearing Temp Files

After scanning, the apps display how much space can be freed up. To reclaim the space, click the buttons to remove junk files and clear temporary files, generally the cleaning time will depend on how many temporary files stored on your iOS device.

Step 4: Backup & Compress Photos to  Release Space

Next, you can proceed to Lossless photo compression by clicking the ‘ Compress’  button, it shows how the compressed photos will look like, continue clicking on ‘Start’ button, now the program will start backing-up and export all original photos to your computer and compress photos to reclaim space.

comprees phots on iphone with iMyfone Umate

Step 5: Back up and  then Delete Large Files

Now continue to release more space by deleting large files with a click on delete, when it says to delete, it actually means backup & deletes large files such as videos, of course, you can selectively delete some videos instead of all the videos by clicking the ‘Back up & Delete’ button.

Step 6: Manage and Remove Unused Apps

The last part is to manage app space, the software lists all the apps on your iOS device according to the space they occupied, you can choose unused apps to remove and release space.

For users who enjoy freeing up iOS space one-by-one or just want to clean up some parts of the iPhone storage, they can start from each tab on the home interface.


Overall,  iMyfone Umate is a reliable and lightweight tool that acts as a one-click solution to freeing up massive space for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.