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Immunet Protect

Previously we talked about the launch of Panda Cloud Anti virus, now we are introducing you “Immunet Protect” another cloud based antivirus. Don’t get confused with Dr Natura Immune Protect product.

Immunet Protect is a free Antivirus software that runs through a small installer compatible with Windows Vista and XP, which does all its work from the cloud, eliminating the need for cumbersome and slow anti-virus programs, where it takes only 32 MB of RAM for full system scan.

Immunet Protectis based on the concept of collaborative security community, where each user sends information of threats in real time during each scan, thus helping to form a huge base of knowledge that benefits everyone, and automatically alert all those in that are currently online.

You can also use Immunet Protect in conjunction with existing Antivirus which provides significantly improved detection rates.

Need for Cloud Computing ?

Normal AntiVirus products rely on the model designed in 1980’s,where these Antivirus labs will gather & examine threats and based on certain outcomes, they will send down large sets of detections to customers. 80% of these detections will not be necessary,since the examine process may even take weeks.

Today, the number of threats has risen to tens of thousands per day,so before they send detections to Customers,these threats change rapidly.

Cloud computing overcomes these challenges by defending you in real time against thousands of new threats generated every day.

Immunet Protect a cloud based anti-virus,uses a bottoms-up architecture by decentralizing much of these threats by analyzing and moving these detections to the cloud. As a result, you only use the detections that you need. Your computer is always connected to the Immunet Cloud, providing you with real-time AntiVirus protection with a detection set that is always up to date. No more delays, no more updates, and no more bloat. This is the power of cloud computing.

Download: Immunet Protect (4.25 MB)

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  1. Have used it with avast,panda,avg,Microsoft internet security,f-secure. never had a problem.I use f-secure now with Immunet really good Antivirus for Facebook users.great community protection