Internet Explorer 10 to get Inbuilt Auto Correct Feature

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Microsoft‘s latest browser Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will be accompanied with next windows version “Windows 8” and in Windows 8 IE10 will not be just a browser, but it plays a major role in the backend support for Metro start screen.

Currently Internet Explorer 10 is still under heavy development, several new features are unveiled by Microsoft and one new feature coming to IE10 is inbuilt Spell checking feature that will auto correct ( or “correction-while-you-type”)  commonly misspelled words.

According to Microsoft IE10 is the first browser to support auto-correction of text while you type and also mentions that in Windows 8, spellchecking support is available to applications across the entire operating system.

Auto-correction in IE10 :

Typing quickly and accurately is a critical part of the user experience for any piece of software.In some cases, a misspelled word is so common that it is better to just correct the word immediately, rather than wait for you to review the error later.You can undo the change via CTRL+Z (Undo) using the keyboard, or bring up the auto-correction context menu using the mouse. In addition to using the mouse, the auto-correction menu can be activated via the keyboard by moving the insertion point inside of the word and pressing SHIFT+F10 (that key combo works to trigger any context menu). From the auto-correction menu you can also prevent the word from being auto-corrected in the future.


Word Identification and Corrective Actions Menu

By default, as you enter text into any HTML textarea element or any region of editable HTML content, the spellchecking engine will be used to check the last entered word. The word is checked against a dictionary associated with the current keyboard input language. If that word is misspelled or repeated it will be identified as a potential error using the familiar red squiggly underline. The identification of potential misspelled or repeated words is done in the background so that it does not slow your text entry.

Test drive Spell checking Feature :

Microsoft also provides you to  test drive auto-correct demo ; it includes a short list of some of the common misspelled words that will be auto-corrected.

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