iCloud - A web operating system

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iCloud is a free “web OS” like  YouOS and EyeOS.It’s an OS-like desktop but with good design  and quite similar  user interface  that we have in  Windows 7 or Vista, with a sidebar which can be customized through widgets.

This is a beta service which is free to try and runs a virtual operating system in your browser. It’s lightweight and best supported on Internet Explorer, at the moment Firefox support is in “early alpha” and there are only minor problems of compatibility, which are being solved by the development team.

Besides this, iCloud comes with several tools, such as a viewer for your images and photos (which can also tag and share), a player to listen to all mp3, or even to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and others.

It also has Daily usage tools like word processor (which interface is very similar to MS Word), calendar and tasks, e-mail client, and task manager. Particularly useful may be the editor and integrated IDE iCloud, which allows the development of applications, as well also function as XML editor.

iCloud a webOS is still in beta with clean interface, complete online storage space and a Microsoft Office-like application suite, appears much more responsive than other “web OS” offerings.

Website: iCloud