Icecream PDF Split & Merge PRO Free for Limited Period

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Icecream PDF Split & Merge is an extremely useful application when it comes to joining multiple PDF files into single PDF document or for extracting single pages from a PDF File.

As the name says, using this software you can split a single PDF document into multiple pages or just get rid of pages that you don’t need.

icecream pdf split&merge

The tool also allows you to merge multiple documents into a single PDF document, it works even with password-protected files.

The application offers handy interface, for splitting a PDF file you can either drag and drop the file onto the program window or use the ‘Add file‘ function.
The Split feature allows you to select one of the four different options for splitting PDF documents:
1.Single -page files: every page of your documents will be saved as a separate single-page file
2.By groups of pages: document will be split into files of pages starting from the page numbers you specified
3. Delete certain pages: add page numbers to remove from the PDF document.
4. By page ranges: provide the interval of pages that you want to split.


Advanced settings of split feature lets you set a password, add author info and restrict permissions ( edit, print & copy).
Merge feature lets you combine multiple PDF files without any limitations. Similar to Split feature, merge feature lets you to password protect the merged file and add restrictions.


Icecream PDF Split & Merge is available as free edition but has limitations such as splitting only 40 pages per a pdf and merging only three files per single operation.To overcome these limits you can go for Pro edition which cost $19.95, now for a limited period, SOS is offering the pro version free of cost.

Just download Icecream PDF Split & Merge free version (for both Windows & Mac)  from the developer page:, install the software and activate it with below code.


Icecream PDF Split & Merge PRO License: SOSM-IPSM2-BBK42-MZAA3-G882H