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iBoysoft MagicMenu Free License -Customize & Enhance Right Click menu on Mac

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The iBoysoft MagicMenu program allows Mac users to personalize their desktops. Boost your productivity on a Mac by using this right-click enhancer to personalize the context menu.

This Mac right-click optimizer lets you customize the contextual menu that appears when you right-click the mouse, double-click the Trackpad, or tap the Trackpad’s lower-right corner on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, giving you access to additional features.

You’ll have more control over the options that appear when you right-click on a Mac using this. The right-click context menu can be modified to include shortcuts for creating and transferring files, gaining rapid access, and even screen recording.

Among its new capabilities is the ability to make new files, copy or relocate existing ones, and provide easy access to previously stored information.

iBoysoft MagicMenu

iBoysoft MagicMenu Features:

1.Create a New File
When you right-click on a blank space on your desktop or in an open folder, you can add a shortcut to create a new file that you use often. This includes doc, Docx, xls, xlsx, txt, pdf, ppt, Keynote, Pages, Markdown, and Numbers. You don’t have to open any programs to make a new file.

2.Move Files Quickly

You can move a file to a different place on a Mac by selecting it and dragging it. This can be inconvenient if the target folder is hidden.

iBoysoft MagicMenu lets you add folders to the Move To menu. With a single right click, you can move a file to a target path.

3.Copy Files Faster

With this Mac right-click enhancer, you can add a folder shortcut to the Copy To menu. This makes it faster to copy files to a certain place.

4.Quick Access to an Item

With a right click, you can add apps, folders, disks, browsers, and web page links to the control panel. You can get to the apps you use most often without having to open Finder or Launchpad.

iBoysoft MagicMenu Free 1-Year License:

Download the installer from the developer page:

Install the software, launch the app and on the main menu click “Purchase & Activate”.

Enter the below license code


Hit the “Activate” button.