iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery Review: best APFS data recovery software

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APFS (Apple File System) is the newest and default file system for the latest macOS High Sierra.

Compare to previous macOS file system HFS+, the new file system comes with many new features, such as shared space, file system encryption, and fast read/write speed, which is particularly recommended for a flash drive and SSD.

Although APFS has decreased the possibility of corruption, nobody is 100% sure that all drives formatted with APFS will not crash.

Possible reasons for losing data on APFS drive

There are numerous reasons causing data loss issue on APFS drive, disk corruption is the most common reason.

As security is one of the key elements of APFS, it is very rare for these drives to be infected, but viruses can still damage them and cause the data stored in them to be corrupted.

Moreover, if you are not able to shut down your Mac properly and it abruptly closes before the data has been saved due to a sudden power outage, then again you can stand to lose data.

Another possible reason for data loss might be an issue with the operating system. Although the chances of that happening are quite slim, you can stand to lose a lot of data if your operating system fails or crashes.

APFS data recovery

When you encounter APFS data loss problem, the first thing is to seek help from professional Mac data recovery software.

However, data recovery is not an easy task as it is completely different from traditional Apple file system and hasn’t been released for long.

Many Mac data recovery software has not been able to perform data recovery on macOS High Sierra yet.Some famous Mac data recovery applications claim that they can support APFS data recovery.

Actually, they can only work on macOS High Sierra but can’t support APFS at all, or they can partially support.

The best APFS data recovery software – iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is one of a few data APFS data recovery software which fully supports APFS data recovery and encrypted APFS data recovery.

Except for APFS data recovery, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery also supports HFS+, FAT32, exFAT file system. It recovers lost files due to deleting, formatting, virus attacking, partition loss, power failure, etc.

As long as the lost data are not overwritten, it can get them back easily and efficiently.

Information of iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery:

Developer: iBoysoft

Official site: https://iboysoft.com/

Download link: https://iboysoft.com/mac-data-recovery/free-mac-data-recovery.html

best APFS data recovery software

Features of iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery:

1. Supported file system: APFS, HFS+, FAT32, exFAT

2. Recover deleted files even emptied from Mac Trash and recover data from formatted, corrupted, unreadable, unmountable, inaccessible drive.

3. Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails.

4. Supported storage devices: hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, memory card, pen drive, etc.

5. Supported OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13/10.12 and Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7.

Pros of iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery

1. Completely support APFS data recovery and encrypted  data recovery

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery can recover data from encrypted, formatted, corrupted, unreadable, uncountably, inaccessible APFS drive, recover deleted/ lost partition.

2. Find APFS partition

Based on the APFS characteristic, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery comes with a specific function to find deleted and lost partition.

3. Quick Scan and Deep Scan

Quick Scan takes only several minutes and it is usually used to search deleted files. Deep Scan takes a bit longer but it is required when you meet data loss due to format or file system corruption.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery goes deeper than any other data recovery software, which searches your drive from sector to sector and recreates files based on file patterns.

4. Powerful pre-recovery preview of files

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery can preview documents, photos, videos, audio, etc. file types that your Mac computer can support to preview.

5. Easy to use

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is easy to install & use. Firstly, it sorts scanning by the file system to save much time to scan. Secondly, the scanned files show up under three tabs: Path, Type and Time.

It can be helpful no matter you know what type of files you lost, where or when you lost your files. Thirdly, with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, you can restart or pause scan at any time by pressing the pause or play icon.


6. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

7. Apply 20% discount for academic, non-profit organizations, government users.


iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery only costs you USD $69.95 for a lifetime license and allows you recover up to 1GB of data for free.

It not only sales cheaper than common data recovery programs in the market, but also performs data recovery effectively and quickly.

Just download iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, you will be pleased with the scanning results and additional functionality.