I Rate My Day: Evaluate your day

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I Rate My Day is an online tool to share your feelings with the rest of the world in a simple manner.Every day, we experience a variety of feelings; sometimes good, sometimes bad.I Rate My Day, can evaluate the different things that we felt throughout the day and rank’s the day as better or worse.

IRateMyDay.com is a social online community, similar to blogs, but unique in its concept. The site focuses on short entries of a few words about the user’s current feelings. The concept is best described as “Instant Blogging” where each rating resembles a short sentence of instant messaging.
The service is a complement to existing blogging sites and can even be integrated through the use of widgets.

I Rate My Day is aFun website that can give you an idea about how Happy you are. Find out how many days in a month you feel great, awful, indifferent and so on, and what are the reasons behind it. Basically, iRateMyDay asks you to rate each day of your daily life on a 1 to 10 scale, and additionally comment on your rating when necessary.

Although the name of the application suggests that we can only enter one entry per day, it is possible to update our assessment of the day every 30 minutes. As we participate in the community level going up and it will open up new tools and opportunities to customize our profile.

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