How to view & protect Saved Passwords In Firefox 3.5

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How to view & protect Saved Passwords In Firefox 3.5

Today my PC started behaving  very strangely, I thought it was due to ageing effect.  I installed XP in January 2009 (7 months back), so like a normal net-citizen I started cleaning  my PC with register and system cleaners like PC Tools Desktop Maestro 3 & Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC

Everything was fine,when i opened Firefox it was running like a horse, but i got a problem here . As it has been 6 months i forgotten many passwords, previously Firefox used to fill up all user id & passwords (saved) i rested my brain. so i went to see saved passwords archive and got my passwords.


How to view Saved Passwords In Firefox 3.5 ?

If you want to retrieve the save password,follow below steps:

  • First  navigate to the  ” Tools” –>Options, click on Security tab  and then click on “Saved Passwords”button.
  • Now you will see a screen similar to above shown image,Click on the show passwords button
  • Firefox will display following  alert “Are you sure you wish to show your passwords”,  Click on the Yes button.
  • Find the website password you are looking for by browsing through the list of available passwords

OK, it’s fine you forgot the password, above steps helped you to retrieve the password. But anyone can view the passwords in your PC the same as you did. How to protect or prevent this ?

How to Secure your saved passwords ?

This is where master password comes into play.
Set a Master Password
Now to protect your saved passwords, Go to Tools –> Options, click on Security tab and Check the checkbox labeled “use a master password” and enter your (master) password twice.

One thing please remember your master password,there is no option to retrieve it!
If you want to make your passwords more safe then use keyscrambler addon available for both I.E and Firefox.