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How to Unlock Locked USB ports

Recently  my company (not mentioning the Name) at Bangalore   gave us good Configured Dell laptop  for our Daily work , for security reasons they removed  laptop DVD Drive (now days not required), and  also they virtually disabled USB Device Drives or Pen Drives, which means no write access.

For me it is very important to carry out the office work in my personal Laptop, when I asked about this issue with Project manager, he told me to upload my work files   to personal email and carry on the work.  But my office uses a VPN for connectivity and it has Google like character and traces all typed details.

So I thought to know how to enable USB ports and came through this old trick (but new  for me) with help of my kokan colleague and I’m sharing it here thinking that it will be use for newbies.


How to Unlock Locked USB ports ?

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