Windows 11 Stealth Camera noftification feature

How to Turn on Windows 11's Stealth Camera Warning Feature

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Do you have a webcam and wish to be notified via Windows 11 notification when an application uses it? You are in the right spot!

Webcams on most computer monitors and laptops come with LED indicators to let you know they are on. However, some devices lack such LEDs.

Microsoft has added a feature to Windows 11 that will show you a notification whenever your camera is activated or deactivated. For those whose webcams don’t sport the standard LED status light, this feature will be useful.

If the LED on your laptop is broken or you just want an extra layer of protection, you can use the built-in camera privacy indicator in Windows 11.

Windows 11 hidden camera privacy indicator

If you enable this function on your computer, the camera notification will appear automatically whenever the camera is being used (as shown in the above GIF).

If you missed the notification and would like to see which app has been utilizing the webcam, navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security > Camera > Recent Activity.

How do I enable camera privacy notifications in Windows 11?

Regedit-Windows Keyboard Shortcut

    • To begin, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard, and the Run window will appear right away.
    • Enter the command regedit and click “OK” or press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    • In Registry Editor, navigate to the following path or paste it into the address bar.

Using this command, you can quickly navigate to the required key within Windows Registry.

    • Find the value labeled “NoPhysicalCameraLED,” and then double-click it.
    • Replace 0 with 1 in the “Value data” field, then click “OK.”

Enable camera privacy notifications in Windows 11