How To Set up A Proxy in Firefox 3.5

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Setting up A Proxy in Firefox 3.5

There are several uses to use proxy on you browser,some possible uses are surfing blocked sites, browsing internet anonymously.For me i use proxy to access free full version software’s ,which are only provided to specific users or specific country.

Leaving that, setting up a proxy in Firefox 3.5 is almost same as previous versions,but there are some changes in the interface of present version.
I’m sharing this information for those who don’t know how to setup a proxy on their browser.


How to setup proxy in Firefox3.5:

1. Go to tools>option> Advanced

2.Now select “Network” tab and click on settings

3.Now select “Manual proxy configuration” and enter proxy ip address and port address as shown in below image.

For example in above screen-shot I used China proxy,you can google free proxy address or you can get free proxy list at

4.Now click OK,that’s it.

5.In order to check your ip address visit this link

Note: While using some proxy’s address you may experience low or high speed than your actually net speed.It all depends on the proxy provider bandwidth.