How to remove viruses in MSN Messenger ?

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Msn virus cleaner
The viruses that survive in MSN messenger environment are many because of the huge numbers of people who use this application,there by which are spread easily.
The best way to remove it is using another instant messaging program such as Pidgin or any other, the world does not end with MSN messenger. In my case I use MSN and it works beautifully.
However there are Some applications that can help us to eliminate most common viruses, Among them we provide you  3 best applications


  • MSNCleaner – Scans your PC looking for all types of malware that spreads  via MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger and others.
  • CleanVirusMSN – viruses that spread through networks such as Live Messenger or other
  • MSN Photo Virus Remover – It promises to remove best known MSN virus (Photo Virus)and restore access to those deleted  regedit, task manager, control panel …

However applications do not do everything and you must be careful while accepting files from other people by scanning them with desktop Antivirus.