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How to Optimize Gmail Mobile data usage

Ensure that you’re using your data optimally with Gmail on your Android. You can customize the amount of mail that syncs to your device to have better data usage.  Manage your data by label, choosing All, Last 30 days, or None on your Android 4.0 +(Ice cream sandwich) devices.

How to Optimize Gmail Mobile data usage ?

To minimize Gmail’s use of mobile data, turn off sync for Inbox, Priority Mail, and other labels that may be currently syncing. When you turn off sync for a label, its conversation list updates only when you first view that label’s conversations or when you touch its Refresh icon.

For instance, to turn off Inbox sync in Gmail:

1.From any Gmail conversation list, touch the Label icon.
2.Touch Manage labels > Inbox > Sync messages > Sync none.

You can use similar steps to turn off sync for any other labels that may have it enabled

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