How to open multiple websites at the same time!

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You are impatient type, once connected to internet you want to read  Techno360, check email, go to your favorite forum, see the latest sports news and read the feeds in the same moment. Congratulations, you’re not the only one.

But you have only one pc(?), one monitor and more importantly only two eyes to see. So you can not afford to open many pages at the same time. You think so? Oh no, it does not. There is a way to do what you intend to do, and it is called  Viewista!

Viewista is an interesting online service that allows you to open up to 10 web pages simultaneously and view them all at once or at a short distance from one another, as you prefer in one browser window.

Using the service is something easy, fast and above all comfortable.The group of websites that you choose (called groupmarks) can be viewed in one of our four view modes: vertical, two column, slide show, or horizontal. Users can switch between views with ease. The four different views provide a rich user interface for viewing multiple web pages at once.

For example, two column view can be used to do comparison shopping of different items (laptops, cars, houses, schools etc). A slide show view enables playing of multiple web pages in a programmable fashion. A user can adjust the time interval for each page, step through multiple pages manually or play all pages in an auto mode. This view is great for presentations, and for playing audio/video content. Vertical and horizontal views are great for sequential viewing of websites. Viewista also provides a single short URL for multiple websites that can be shared with friends.

Website Link : Viewista!