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How to open Multiple sessions in Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger
If you do not know how to open multiple sessions on Yahoo messenger, then do not worry, follow the steps below, which will show a simple way to open multiple sessions on Yahoo messenger

To do this we must do the following:
1. Go to “Start -> Run ‘.
2. Enter ‘regedit’ and press’ OK ‘.
3.On left window open(expand) the directory ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’.

4. Then look for ‘Software’, and expand it.
5.Now we must find the folder ‘Yahoo,’ and expand it.
6.In it, we must find the folder ‘pager’.
7. Inside this folder, we must find a folder named ‘Test’.
8. On Right panel of Test, do right click on ‘New -> String Value’, and Name it as plural.
9.Now double-click the new element(plural) created, and in the ‘Value data’, write the number zero (0).
10. If we did everything right, we should be able to open more than one session of the messenger (that obviously we must first restart).

You can also check out the video below

Multiple Yahoo MessengersMore free videos are here

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