How to make easy to delete computers viruses

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Internet is a wonderful creation of man that has made life easier throughout the world. Even, it has brought a revolution in our lives.
The key backbone of internet is computer. It can be personal computers, main frame computers and supercomputers all computers make use of hardware and software in order to function. The operation of computer can be hampered by some programs that are made by nasty people. These programs are called malware or virus.

So, the question arises as how to remove this computer virus easily. Before starting with the steps of removing virus one must first find out which malware has attacked the computer. Different malwares makes the computer behave in different manners. Try to start the computer several times in order to see how the machine behaves. Notice any abnormal operation that generally the computer does not do.

computer virus

Various signs or symptoms of virus computer affected are
1. Slow computer or slow internet
2. Weird web browser redirections
3. Program failure, baffling error
4. System showing “RPC error”, giving a window with a 30 second countdown to a restart.
5. Disks and hard drives are unapproachable
6. Machine restarts on its own and do not work normally
7. print cannot be done in a correct manner
8. Distortion of menus and dialog boxes
9. Applications will not work in a proper way computer
10. Unusual messages will come up in the screen frequently.
11. The machine will come in freeze condition suddenly.
There are numbers of viruses that affects the machine. They are Trojan, malware, spyware, hackers and trackers. All of these are sub division of viruses.




Run the PC in safe mode- The first step of removing spyware from a computer is restarting the computer in the safe mode option. Non-essential programs like toolbars and browser has to be removed to stop malevolent loading, when the restarting the computer. All browser caches have to be cleared and any antivirus software can now be used for finding the spyware.
Anti virus software – Search for anti virus in the market. A number of anti virus is available in the market such as Nod32, Avira, Eset, AntiVir, and AVG. Choosing from number of options can be hard. Each anti virus is specifically designed to check specific viruses. Before buying antivirus software, check that it is a latest version and also a genuine program. An antivirus that was meant for bug six months ago will not be able to cope up with your viruses. Though, now days genuine anti virus software can be updated over the internet.
Installation – Now comes the part of installation of the software in the machine. The installation process depends upon the size of the file. Start installing the software. After installation is over, restart the system.
Run the antivirus- Open up the installed antivirus and then click the option Run. It is recommended not to use the computer for other things at this time. The anti virus program will spot those programs that are spyware as it checks all the files in the system. After detecting, the program will inquire if it should heal and delete the virus affected files. Click on the desired command and the virus programs will be gone.
Registry clean tool – registry clean tool safely scan registry entries. This registry clean tool helps in detecting and repairing the change made in order to prevent virus from attacking the machine. Running the registry clean tool helps in removing the malware or virus from the system. Again, a registry cleaner removes error and junk files which cause system freeze, Blue Screen and machine slowdown.
Formatting- Sometimes, running the antivirus in an affected machine is not easy because the spyware will not allow the machine to start. So, you can be forced to format the hard drive and then install new operating system. Formatting can also be helpful in complete removal of virus from the machine. Reboot the system in safe mode and make sure to disconnect the internet connection Then run the registry cleaner to scan the system and repair it. Then make use of Reg tool to remove unfamiliar from start up. Then finally run the antivirus program to curb the virus.
Even there are possibilities when one cannot delete the virus from the machine such as Virus automatically attempt to cease security programs as to prevent itself from being removed.
Just sitting and thinking in not going to work. So, start fixing the virus problem