Improve Gaming Performance in Windows 11

How to improve gaming performance in Windows 11

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Windows 11’s gaming performance is not as good as that of Windows 10. It is recommended that you optimize Windows 11 for better gaming performance if you insist on using it for gaming.

Microsoft has discovered that some virtualization features in Windows 11 can affect gaming performance and has provided instructions on how to disable these features.

Today, Microsoft wrote on that “continued testing and feedback from users” had shown that the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) and memory integrity were two factors that affected system performance when playing games.

For security, Microsoft uses Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) and the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP), among other things. The former prevents attackers from injecting code. The drivers are also verified to see whether they are digitally signed. Both features are enabled by default on Windows 11.

To optimize gameplay, Microsoft has published instructions on how to disable these features.

Start menu search Core isolation - Optimze Gaming Performance

Optimizing Windows 11 for Gaming Performance:

1.Disabling Memory Integrity

If you want to disable memory integrity, click Start and enter “Core Isolation” in the Start menu’s search box. Core Isolation will open the Windows security app if you click on it. The memory integrity toggle can be disabled from this screen.

Windows Security - Turn off Core isolation to optimize gaming performance

2.Deactivate the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP)

To turn off VMP, go to the Start menu, type “Windows Features” into the search field, and then click “Turn Windows features on or off” from the resulting list.

When you click the ‘Windows Features’ button, a new window will pop up. Find “Virtual Machine Platform” on the list and uncheck it.

Microsoft suggests rebooting your device to fully take effect after making the changes. After you’ve finished playing, don’t forget to switch everything back on.

Turn Windows features on or off in Windows 11