How to display emoticons and smileys in Gmail

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Sometimes I feel that Gmail is boring just because it doesn’t have the frills like other email programs do. Or it’s more like business oriented stuff, no fun, no smileys, no colors, all grey and white – it sucks!

Well, the functionality is superb – but just that it does not have smileys so I’m going to be sounding boring to my friend whos email has hell lot of smileys and emoticons in it.
Looks like now it’s possible to add smileys and emoticons to Gmail.

Amit Agarwal here shows a cool hack to Gmail that will help you insert smileys to your email.

Check out how he enabled those smileys, those cute little icons in his email.

Update:Gmail now has tons of emoticons

Gmail just pushed an update to their rich-text editor adding a bunch of emoticons.

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