How to create HTML5 Game Udemy course is free

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Learn to create HTML5 Game from scratch step by step from Udemy course, this video course is temporarily free, down from a price of $120.

The video course will be showing you how to learn HTML5 canvas based animated game from scratch for beginners. The instructor Laurence Svekis a web developer has over 18 years of experience.


The complete course offers 30 lectures containing 2.5 hours video and completing the course you will get a certificate, interested users visit this page to claim the free course.

What Will I Learn?

  1. create animations using JavaScript
  2. add objects to the canvas
  3. use html5 to interact between JavaScript and canvas
  4. apply Collision detection, enemy movement, game interactions and more
  5. create basic games
  6. understand concepts on the html5 game creation

This course is designed for anyone who wants to better understand how to create their own HTML5.

Core HTML5 training using canvas and setting a gameboard. Adding text and dynamic variables. Using event listeners to find keyboard actions and create movement. Create a random enemy and have it move around.

Interacting with game items like a power up the pill. Collision detection to determine multiple reactions to object interactions on the game board. Tweaking and fine tuning game interactions for better gameplay.

In this video course, you start with a blank document, add in HTML and then JavaScript to create the game.The video will let you through step by step with detailed explanations of code and more.

The game you create in the course is a Pacman type game with a Pacman character that can be moved around the screen. There are also 2 ghosts which move towards the player or away if the Pacman is powered up.