How to convert HTML web pages to PDF

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HTML to PDF Converter is an interesting free web service that lets you Convert a website (HTML pages) in to PDF format so you can then have it stored for a later reading or to send someone for a quick reference.

It’s really very easy to use just type the address or url of a website that you want in PDF format and wait for few secs to allow it convert,then it automatically gives us the option to download the pdf file. HTML to PDF Converter can be used without registering or installing anything on pc.


In the test I tried Techno360 ,which was generated in to PDF file in 19 secs and the file size was only 1.2 MB total of 7 pages keeping all the widgets and ads, it seems the engine that generates PDF files using IE6 to generate the site, so I hope they serve for something.

Link: HTML to PDF converter

  1. that was some sort of good solution – there are some other good solutions available into the market but this sems to

    be the best so far.. .