How to Change KIS 2011 Chinese version to English

November 7, 2010 Off By Ramakanth

I just saw KIS 2011 free 1 year License offer shared by Krishna. It seems he was unable to post right way to change KIS 2011 chinese to English version.

There are few difference in KIS 2010 & KIS 2011, so here is my way to transform the Chinese version to English.

  1. After installing the Chinese version,update  KIS 2011, then you need to disable ‘Self Defense’
  2. First click on the “Wheel” (settings) icon, Now click on “Box” like icon, then click on “Badge” like icon and un-check the boxes in right side and apply settings, follow below(similar) image
  3. Disable self defense in KIS 2011

  4. Note: After disabeling self defense, don’t exit or close KIS (chinese) 2011, KIS 2011 interface shoulde be open or running.
  5. Now click “Windows” button —–> “Accessories”—> “Run”, the type regedit and click OK.
  6. In the Registry Editor go to the following path:
  7. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREKasperskyLabprotectedAVP11environment

  8. Now in right side pane, search for ” SkinSwitchDisabled” and change it’s value from 1 to 0.
  9. Now Imediately click or open the running KIS 2011 (China)Interface, then press Shift and F12 (shift + F12).
  10. That’s it, you will see English interface.
  11. Now every time you restrat your PC, again KIS 2011 will be in chinese interface, but when ever you press Shift and F12 it will change to english interface.
  12. This worked for me.