How to boost android performance

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Of all the inventions of Google, the operating system Android is considered as one of the most popular invention or operating system for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. If you check its popularity, it seems to be huge in comparison to its rival operating systems like iOS or BlackBerry or any other OS found in other mobile devices.

However, as you start using any android based mobile device, after sometime you may see hampering its performance to certain extent. You could see issues like your device getting turned off too often, the issue of the device getting hanged in between any operation and the overall performance of your device getting slower to some extent.

At such junctures, instead of being bogged down by the performance pitfall you should rely on certain ways to boost its performance. There are many ways in which you can boost up the performance of Android, with few of these as discussed below:

How to boost android performance

Know your device first
Before you think of boosting up the Android performance is to explore the best about your device which runs on this operating system. It is vital because this will help you in knowing a number of drawbacks and capabilities of your Android based device. Avoid overburdening your Android based device which are resource hungry applications. Such apps present in your device can downgrade the performance of your device to a great extent.Also, clean the RAM as much as possible.  RAM is basically the place wherein you can find loads of applications being run. This means the apps and other software applications that run behind the background consume the memory the most thus hampering the performance of the device or the Android.

Update Your Android
If you have not updated your android based device to the current firmware you should do it as it will help in boosting up the performance of your OS. Google is seen bringing up a number of enhancements and updates to different releases of Android like updating, which brings in stability, higher and better performance speed, good connectivity along with a number of user friendly functions. You can therefore see the tablets even running over the Jelly Bean and ICS now, which can help you updating it till the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean through the system updates.

Get rid of the unwanted applications

Every application you install over your device consumes certain amount of space and runs some of the background processes. The more is the storage space is occupied or higher the number of processes running inside the phone the slower would be the performance of your phone. Avoid installing the applications, which you would hardly going to use, in case if you have carried out the same better disable or uninstall these once for all. By doing this you can certainly boost up the performance of your Android based phones and even the OS.

Disable needless apps
Another way to boost up the performance is to disable the unnecessary applications found in your device. This can be carried out with a tool called ‘Performance Assistant’ especially found in Android ICS meant to disable the apps, which you do not want. Disabling the applications is simply different from the uninstalling task. In the latter option, you simply remove the application files from your device; however, in the former option the files are simply not deleted or removed. You will never be able to see the disabled apps over your home screen, which means no apps, are running at the background, which end up boosting up the performance of the operating system.

Update apps
Another way to boost up the performance of Android is to regularly update the applications installed in your device. Try updating the applications, which you find over Google Play. Time and again the developers are seen fixing bugs and adding a number of features in the recent versions of the applications. By updating applications make the android operating system much faster and better and thus can avoid crashing your phone more often unlike the way it used to happen before updating the apps.

Use high speed memory card
The memory card is basically meant to store data inside your phone device. If your smart phone device has low amount of internal memory then it can certainly hamper the overall performance of the device. However, installing a high-capacity memory card in your smart phone device can certainly boost up the memory. With the help of high capacity can boost up the speed of the device and overall performance of the operating system.
You can find memory cards from 2GB to 32GB, which you can use depending upon your requirement and thus can upgrade the speed of your Android based devices. It is often recommended to opt for the memory cards of Class 6 or the Class 10 for your Android based devices and boost up the performance of your phone.

Final word
Hopefully with these tips and ideas, you can boost up the performance of the OS – Android found in your devices. If you see the performance of your Android based devices getting hampered then make sure you go for the above ideas and see the performance boost. Good Luck!