How to Avoid PDF File Corruption

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Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format which is generally used for sharing large document over the Internet. Since PDF format compresses the size of the file without changing its formatting and hampering data, thus it is considered as apt file format for sending heavy documents via emails and posting them on World Wide Web. Despite the usability of this file format, many times it gets corrupt. A corrupt PDF file throws error messages when you try to extract it or becomes unresponsive when you try to open it.

Since the corruption causes inaccessibility of stored data, thus it must be avoided. Mentioned below are precautionary measures that any user must follow to avoid PDF file corruption:

  • Avoid Improper Downloading: Improper downloading of PDF file is one of the major causes of its corruption. Interrupted Internet connection and presence of large number of temporary Internet files corrupt the downloaded PDF file(s). Therefore, it is suggested to check the Internet connection properly before downloading any PDF file from an email or any website and delete all temporary internet files time to time.

  • Avoid Using Inefficient PDF Creation Programs: Though PDF file format is created by Adobe, but the Internet is flooded with so many tools for creating the PDF file. However, some of these tools are inefficient in nature and corrupt the file during conversion process. Therefore, it is advised to use an authentic tool to create the PDF file from any of your MS Office files (such as MS Word) to avoid corruption at creation level.

  • Avoid Using Incompatible PDF Reader: Just like various PDF creation programs, there are lots many programs by which you can read a PDF file. Therefore, sometimes it is the inefficiency of the PDF file reader that causes the problem. To avoid issues at such levels, it is suggested to use authentic PDF reader like Adobe Reader. You can check your PDF file by opening it with free version of Adobe Reader.

  • Update Adobe Acrobat Reader: Sometimes it is the older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that shows inefficiencies in reading a downloaded PDF file. Therefore, try to upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems website.

  • Upgrade to the Newer Browser Version: At times, it is your Web browser that causes issues. Therefore, upgrading to the latest version of Web browser or reinstalling the browser can solve the problem.

Therefore, following the above mentioned precautionary measures, you can avoid the corruption of your precious PDF file. However, what will you do, if you have already encountered corruption of PDF file. You must be looking for ways to fix PDF file corruption that has occurred even after following preventive measures? For those cases, use of an efficient PDF file recovery software is recommended. Reliable PDF recovery tool repairs corrupt or inaccessible PDF files without damaging their original formatting. Moreover, an effective tool supports all the versions of PDF file and even removes restrictions applied on the PDF file.