6 ways to Access Websites Faster In Slow Internet Connection ?

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When away from home or when my Broadband connection server goes down, i often use Airtel GPRS to use the internet. The speeds offered by Airtel GPRS are very low and it is real pain to open some heavy websites.

I have found 6 ways to get my work done even on slow internet connection,
1. Use Skweezer:

Skweezer is a service that compresses and reformats Web content being downloaded to a device, so that it loads faster, looks better.

Just point out your web browser to http://www.skweezer.net and then type the URL you want to Skweeze and hit enter.

You can also create bookmark in firefox to automatically skweeze web pages by typing skweeze http://www.your-url-here.com

2. LoBand :
LoBand lets you to access the websites fast even in slow speed internet connection. Even more you can have the all original text minus formatting, colors and images. In order to use this facility you just enter the URL or web address of the sites which you want to access quick. After hitting the “GO” button you will have the “text only” mode quickly. Incase something fails to load you can just click on your “original” button to view the original link.
Visit :http://www.loband.org/

3.Google Transcoder:

Google Transcoder was built as a search engine for cell phones, but it also can help reduce the complexity and visual clutter on Web pages. You can use Google transcoder to simplify webpages to make them load faster.

Visit http://www.google.com/m
Google Mobilizer :
You can have the same features which are available in LoBand with an additional option to display the images. Moreover you can select the “No images” option to surf without the images.
Visit :http://www.google.com/gwt/n
4. Mowser :
You can have the webpages in a compact and cute format. The webpage’s images will be shown in a scaled down format.
5.Finch :
Nothing special in this beyond Loband and Google Mobilizer. Finch takes out the CSS, images, Flash, metadata and iframes. With this you can have the texts in a clean format.

visit: http://finch.ploogy.net/

6.Opera Mini on Pc:
All the above are web based services to view the webpages with little format while this Opera Mini is downloadable to surf the internet easily even in slow connection.
According to our knowledge Google Mobilzer and Mowser are the best to view the webpages faster as they are showing the images in scaled format. If you feel free to install any software just go to Opera Mini and Firefox users may use “No Script” addon to access the same function.
Visit: Opera mini on pc