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How do I recognize if my computer is infected by Conficker?


After the article on How to remove or delete the worm Conficker, many people have asked me .. that How can they recognize that their computer is infected by the virus conficker? Thanks to conficker working group,we can resolve this doubt and check whether your computer is infected or not by using this Conficker Eye Chart created by conficker working group governed by famous Security Networks.

What is Conficker

For those who don’t know about Conficker, Conficker (also known as Downadup and Kido) is a worm which in recent months using a security breach in the RPC service (which Microsoft settled in October last year) has infected more than 10 million computers around the world by using advanced malware techniques.When executed on a computer, Conficker disables a number of system services such as Windows Automatic Update, Windows Security Center, Windows Defender and Windows Error Reporting.

Experts say it is the worst infection since the SQL Slammer.The potential scale of infection is large because 30% of Windows computers do not have Windows patch released in October 2008 to block this vulnerability.


Symptoms of Conficker infection:

How can we Identify Conficker

According to Conficker Working Group,Conficker block access to over 100 anti-virus and security websites.
So based on this Conficker Eye Chart Displays Six Images(remote images) in 2 rows,where 1’st row contains images of prominent Anti virus or security sites and 2nd row contains images of alternative operating systems(Linux) for Windows.

conficker inection status

If you can see all six images then it means that you are not infected by Conficker. If the images in any of the 2 rows are blocked or you are unable to view them ,the it means that your infected and you can identify it the degree of infection according to the images Displayed or blocked by their (grade) variants A / B or C as shown in the above image.

Check if your computer is infected with Conficker using Conficker Eye Chart

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