How to Check the fastest DNS servers available for your PC

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DNS is key to many network services. Internet browsing, mail server, web server etc all depends upon DNS server, normally Internet Service Provider automatically provides DNS servers to their customer, but some ISP’s DNS will be slow or they will block certain websites. So using Open DNS or Public DNS will significantly improve the browsing experience.

Now with release of  Google (public)  DNS, we had wide choice of selecting the suitable DNS for our PC.  According to my  knowledge currently there are 3 (Google DNS, Open DNS, Comodo Secure DNS) free or public DNS providers available to all web users.

But how to choose the fastest or better DNS is the main question, Name bench will resolve this question by benchmarking the DNS servers to discover the fastest and provides the most reliable one for your PC.


What is Name bench?

Name Bench is a portable software (Windows/Mac/Linux), which utilize your web browser history, or standardized datasets and finds by best DNS servers available!

Just download it from here, then double click the file, which will extract some data and now start bench marking by clicking on “Start Bench Mark” button. The tests can take some time, since each DNS server is tested on the resolution of the most popular 10,000 site names, according to Alexa web survey,so just leave it running.

After some time the results will be displayed on your default browser with pretty graphs which will tell you the fastest + nearest DNS server available for your PC.

How to Change DNS server ?

Windows 7 users:
check this tutorial @ seven forums

Note : The same will be applicable to XP & vista users, just a change in user interface.

Download: NameBench 1.0.5