HoverIP - GUI for Network Commands

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Do you want to know your IP address or mac address of your PC without entering Command prompt, then you must this free portable windows utility which includes set of IP tools to run multiple network-specific commands from one window.

HoverIP provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) for users to view network related information. HoverIP provides GUI for 6 key Network commands: IP configuration,nslookup queries, view and modify the routing table, ping hosts, traceroute and do some basic port scans.

1.IP Config:
Provides details about your Connected Network Card, IP address, Mac address, Default Gateway,DNS,currently assigned DHCP IP address and IP lease expiration information.

2.Nslookup :

Supports all types of nslookup queries.What is Nslookup means, it allows a system admistrator to query Domain Name System (DNS) servers to find DNS details, including IP addresses of a particular computer, MX records for a domain and the NS servers of a domain. The name nslookup means “name server lookup”.

3.Routing Table:
You can view the routing table and add and delete routes.It is essential to check routing table if you have any problem in connecting VPN. This Feature is very useful for system administrators.

4.Ping :
Normally we this ping command to check whether host or domain is available or connecting. HoverIP also provides the ability to define the packet size and number of times to ping (check) the host.

5.Traceroute :

HoverIP offers comfort GUI to traceroute of a host.

6.Port Scanning :
Allows you to search for open ports at a specific host

Download : HoverIP[605 KB]