Hike up Firefox Speed with SpeedyFox

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SpeedyFox - Boost Firefox
It is known fact that after using for some days (say 1 month), you can observe speed of Firefox slowing down considerably.The loading time load during startup will increase and overall browsing speed will be affected.

The reason for reduced speed may be due to the amount customization you have done to your browser by installing themes and several addons or the amount of clutter(browsing Histories) stored in your browser cache. To deal this we need an optimizing tool for Firefox and here come’s “SpeedyFox”.


SpeedyFox a new (small) utility fixes these problems with a single click,just download SpeedyFox,then after installation it  will automatically detect your Firefox’s default profile.Now just click “Speed Up My Firefox” button, after restarting Firefox you will get a fresh installation  feel. Don’t run Firefox during optimization process.The optimization process may take one minute or more time depending upon data stored in your browser.

SpeedyFox will not alter anything,it only compacts your browser databases without loosing any data.overall you browser becomes faster quicker than before.

Download :speedyfox.exe