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Just  now I announced the winners of our Last Giveaway IP Hider which protects your privacy, now here is a chance to protect your privacy to maximum extent with VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that makes use of a public network (such as the Internet), while maintaining security and privacy through encryption and security procedures.

Regarding Giveaway 9 , HideIPVPN offered us 15 Licenses of HideIP VPN, thanks to HideIP VPN team.

About HideIP VPN:

is one of the top rated VPN Solutions provider and HideIPVPN is the only FREE VPN service that offers both U.S and UK VPN accounts. HideIP VPN offers two plans , free and premium (paid subscription required) which allows user to connect using OpenVPN instead of PPTP protocol.

The  Free VPN service is based on old PPTP protocol, although it is easy to setup a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) connection since it doesn’t require any installation but it less secure compared to OpenVPN.

HideIP VPN provides OpenVPN based connection for premium users,if you want high security VPN then go for HideIP VPN premium account which costs around $10 per month.

Two things I liked most in HideIP VPN is,  it can be used under any OS (windows, Mac OS X, linux , Nokia N900 and even iPhone) and their easy user Installation Guide or Tutorials about how to Setup PPTP/Open VPN in different OS’s.

Giveaway Rules:

  • We have 15 License for this Giveaway, to enter the Giveaway offer Subscribe to Techno360 feed (email) and post your request in the comment section.
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  • The Giveaway will end on 6/5/2010 and winners will be announced on 7/5/2010



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  1. Hi

    Staying safe and secure on the web is of paramount importance to me. Hope to win a license. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Ramakanth for these great giveaways and I hope to win this time 😀

  3. Thank you Ramakanth for these great giveaways and I hope to win this time

  4. Jammer te laat blijkbaar.__Pred…Nou deze maar proberen binnen te halen want hide my IP is niet gelukt..

  5. Thank you for your generosity, I need this gift!
    He told me it is extremely important in meeting the request.
    Please give me this gift!
    Thank you for the!

  6. I subscribed now and would like to be considered. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Thanks Ramakanth.

    I woudl like to win myself a license.

    Already subscribed to blog & a forum member.

    They offer better security, unlimited bandwidth in premium…Cool

    Thanks, Grr

  8. Thank you Ramakanth for these great giveaways and I hope to win this time:p

  9. Hey i am really interested in this HideIP, so please add my name in list too. Thanks

  10. This would be handy for when I can't get to some website because they are blocked.

  11. You never consider me for giveaway. Please consider me this time. thank you.

  12. Hmm, I have never won anything in my whole live. So i almost gave up. Last time try. BTW a nice product.

  13. I like this, thanks for great giveaway. I hope I'll receive this gift on my birthday.

  14. Thank you Ramakanth for these great giveaways and I hope to win this time

  15. yah, i subscribed to ur blog already,

    will u plz give me the given away…..

  16. Thank you very much ….

    Another great generous Giveaway…!

    Really you proved that you are the best..!

    I hope i can get one licence TO SECURE MYSELF..!


  17. thanks a lot admin for this nice offer
    I hope to win it…… Hide Ip vpn is really cool……

  18. brother i didnt get anything frm here my college blocked every vpn may be this works help me

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