Hexagon 2.5 :3D Modeling software for Free

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Hexagon 2.5 , is a  dedicated 3D polygonal and subdivision modeling software from DAZ studios  for Mac OS X and Windows OS.Hexagon normally costs US$149 , but now the software is now available for free for limited time period.

Hexagon offers tight integration with Carrara 3D software. In addition to that, Hexagon models can be exported as Wavefront OBJ, DWG, STK , 3DS and DXF file formats.Hexagon has vertex as well as surface modelling capabilties. Like Zbrush, Hexagon 2.5 has some 3D painting capability. This 3D modeller is said to be relatively intuitive and easy to use.

The 2.5 version has the ability to export primitive objects to TGA format, which can be read by Linden Labs’ virtual world software Second Life. The developers say that this lets Second Life users create more complex and organic shapes than they can in Second Life itself.Also this version includes enhanced UV mapping, freehand brushmodeling and faster ambient occlusion.Hexagon 2.5 Free for PC & Mac

Hexagon features tools for modeling 3D objects, refining them, mapping UV, texturing and previewing. It features freehand brush modeling with displacement brushes that can smooth, pinch, inflate geometry and add details. 3D paint tools let you apply textures using brushes, too.

Key Features :

  1. Intuitive edge-modeling
  2. Organic modeling with instant surface-subdivision
  3. Advanced Surface construction (multiple extrusions, hulls, envelopes)
  4. Hi-level 3D modeling tools (Boolean Operators, thickness, filleting)
  5. Fully editable construction history (Dynamic Geometry™)
  6. Export to Carrara, OBJ, 3DS, DXF, STL Illustrator & Import

Hexagon 2.5 free for Windows & Mac :

As we said earlier the software costs $149,but DAZ studio is giving away the software for free until April 30,2012.

Just visit this promo page, click “add to cart” button and grab the free software.

Hexagon 2.5 Online Tutorials :

I think you are a beginner, downloaded the software and want to learn the basics, then below tutorials will be useful for you.

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