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Fax is one of the most essential tool for many Small business or users, but many small business don’t have a fax machine. HelloFax service helps these type of users, this online fax service allows user to sign and fax documents to any fax number in the world (supports 77 countries) from their PC or browser.

HelloFax lets you throw away your Fax machine,using this tool you can send and receive faxes, request signatures and fill out forms, all online. A must have for anyone looking to go fully paperless in 2013. HelloFax wants to replace your printer,scanner and fax machine with one easy-to-use online experience.

HelloFax is an online fax and electronic signature service. You can upload documents, add your signature and other text to them, and then fax them for free. The service also supports email-to-fax and allows you to receive faxes.

The web app supports a wide range of file types, including PDFs, Word documents, and several more esoteric ones. HelloFax transforms the document into an image, and then it lets you add text to that image; this allows you to fill out your name, age, and other information on virtually any kind of form.

Once you create an account, you can upload any type of document file and send it via fax or as an email attachment.One of the great feature of this service is the signing of documents,you can sign a contract or agreement before faxing it back,you can do this by graphic file.Free HelloSign app lets you do so using your mouse or track pad or even using your iPhone to take a picture of your signature. Also you can save your signature for later use.

Another great feature of this web app is integration in to cloud services like Google Drive, Sky drive,drop box,Box.net and Evernote.So from HelloFax, you can directly access your files on Google Drive or Sky drive.

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HelloFax service is available in 3 packages:

1. A free plan allows only 5 faxes totally,there after each fax will cost 99 cents

2. If you go for premium plan (costs $7.49/month), you can send 500 Fax pages / month and have a fax number

3.Ulimtate plans cost $52.49/month , provides a fax number and you can send 2000 Fax pages per month

Send 50 Free Fax Pages Per Month :

However for a limited time period you can avoid these plans and enjoy 50 free fax pages per month & unlimited e-signatures, just you need to signup the HelloFax service either with Google account or with Microsoft account(hot mail). As part of Paper less 2013 promotion , Google, Microsoft and HelloFax are proving this offer for a limited time period

If you are new to this service Signup HelloFax with Google account or Microsoft account.


Tutorials :

Signing-up and getting Started with HelloFax ?

1. First when you signup an account for Paperless 2013 (50 free fax pages) offer with your Google account , the first step you will notice is the request for sharing this cool service with your friends through Google+, Twitter or Facebook. If you are not interested you can skip it by clicking on ” Next step” link.

2. The second step is providing your personal details : Name and industry,you can also skip this step.

3.Now you will be directed to “Getting started ” page, where you can get rewards or earn Free Fax pages for sharing this service on twitter,importing contacts from Gmail,for creating signature and inviting friends.
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How to use HelloFax ?

1.If you are using chrome,you can install and launch hellofax app, otherwise visit HelloFax login page on your browser.
2.Now for sending a fax, click “Send a fax” tab on the left hand navigation,then upload documents and add either email address or recepient fax number along with country code and area code. Finally hit “send” button.

Note : For instance if you want to send fax to Chennai city in India, you need to enter country code as +91,then area code as 44 instead of 044 and then enter fax number.
eg: +914425672304

send fax online to chennai with hellofax


3. For Signing a document before you fax it, you need to utilize the free HelloSign web-app, by on clicking on “Request signature” tab on the left hand navigation.


How to integrate HelloFax with Google Drive,Skydrive,Box, Dropbox or Evernote?

1.First Click on the “settings” tab on the left hand navigation
2.Next Click on the “Integrations” button
3.Now activate cloud service of your choice like Google Drive or SkyDrive.


Integrate hellofax with google drive,skydrive,dropbox